Changing the world requires taking the lead


Changing the world requires taking the lead.

It’s all about who you surround yourself with. Who has your back and share your vision of the future. Who makes up your team. Regardless of whether you are a corporation or just someone that wants to do something as simple as changing the world forever. It is something we at Mood will forever value the most.

Our team – Mood Management

Everyone in Mood Management dares to go their own way with dreams as big as possible. They have a belief in a future where everything is possible because they always feel that someone has their back – in the same way that they have others.

Lead with Love shifts culture from fear to love by nurturing heart-centered management.

Everyone talks about flat organizations. We take it one step further.

We champion a flat organizational structure focusing on a common goal. Hierarchical rank and its differences are an ancient model and something we at Mood are tired of. We believe in playing as a team, where everyone takes on the responsibility of a manager. Where leaders are found everywhere.

The flat structure does not stop at the office. Our management gets the tools to develop their career journey, but also their private inner journey. Mood Management follows their heart, before and after work.

Do you want to be part of Mood Management?

Get in touch with us, whether it’s questions or exclamations. We love everyone with good energy to build Mood World and Moodicorns with.


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