“When a famous Instagram influencer disappears, two detectives must confront, not only dark forces, but people with influence over the digital world, to solve the case."


The Influencer Killer is an hour-long mystery drama-thriller set in Los Angeles on the year of 2019.

In a very digitalized world detectives Ray smith and Jack Johnson fight with, both their differences on how they see the world they live in, and how to solve a series of murders on famous, Instagram influencers.

With increased pressure on the local police department from influential people on the internet, a career seeking mayor trying to gain popularity, and their own, deep-rooted problems, their chase for the killer becomes a struggle.

As the season progresses, Ray learns to accept the world he now lives in, one step at a time, while Jack learns to tame his inner demons haunting him from his old life back in Sweden.


Dark- and terror-filled crimes should overlap with the feeling of excitement for how the detectives will solve the case and cases. When it feels like, in the show, that the darkness have won, the excitement for how the light will shine through again becomes a major deal.

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